Lots of work going on right now to make sure they are perfect specimens for this coming season!

This year we have planted 6 species of Christmas trees in Dorset

Looking forward to the season already!

Any questions, just call on 07831 796253 

This Years Charity:


About Us

Why is Trinity St different?​

Trinity St Christmas trees have been trading for over 25 years now providing high quality trees in Dorset. The business was founded by Pete Hyde who still has the same passion for selecting perfectly shaped trees that have excellent needle r​etention properties. The business is based on supplying these exceptional trees but also on making the whole experience a fun one with friendly, knowledgeable staff.

For a reality check, we surveyed our customers to find out why they return year after year.

These were some of the responses….

“We like Trinity St because we know they have the best shaped trees as they are hand selected."

“Because the staff offer expert advice and are really fun, they show you as many trees as is required until you find the perfect tree – I suppose it’s about the whole experience."

“I like the fact that they trim the tree to fit your stand and slice the bottom off so the tree can drink - you don’t get that service anywhere else!”

“I would struggle taking the tree to the car but the lads always carry it for me.”

“I like to have my tree delivered and their delivery driver is always polite and reliable.”

“Our visit to pick the tree at Trinity St has become a part of Christmas we all look forward to, the children still talk about being put through the netting funnel!”