Lots of work going on right now to make sure they are perfect specimens for this coming season!

This year we have planted 6 species of Christmas trees in Dorset

Looking forward to the season already!

Any questions, just call on 07831 796253 

This Years Charity:


Christmas Tr​ees

Our range is extensive - we can offer cut and rooted trees, plus we are the leading suppliers of 10ft plus trees. 

For the budget conscious, we have introduced a value range of non-drop trees which are very competitive in price and still a great shape.

All our non drop trees come with a needle retention guarantee.

Luxury Nordman Fir

Most of our prices kept the same for last 5 years!! You won't find quality like this anywhere else in Dorset!   

We hand select these perfect  trees -  labelling the very best from each plantation.

  • guaranteed needle retention
  • lovely dark green waxy needles
  • individually priced


Value Nordman Fir
Value 5-7 ft nordman fir only £29 plus larger value nordman available on request These trees are not as perfect as the luxury trees but are from the same plantations
Luxury Noble Fir
  • lovely tiered effect tree 
  • great needle retention
  • blue hue
  • wonderful aroma
  • same price as luxury Nordman fir


Frasier Fir
  • silvery colour
  • great solution where a slimmer tree is required
  • not as good needle retention as the Nordman but with a lovely aroma

    same price as Nordman
    Norway Spruce
    • traditional tree
    • recommended mainly for outdoor use (but some traditionalists still love them for inside use)
    • require more care to reduce needle drop
    • Most Norways you see for sale elsewhere are from neglected plantations producing scruffy trees however ours are pruned annually to produce beautiful shaped trees like this...    

    Top tip - if you want needle retention and the traditional aroma - try the Noble fir!

    Rooted Trees

    We sell hundreds of these! 

    • grown in a pot - therefore have a better chance of growing when planted out
    • needle retention is good (but no better than a cut tree - see our section on Christmas tree misconceptions!) 



    Pot Grown Norway Spruce Pot grown NordmanFrasier Fir 
    Can be planted out after Christmas – great prices! Can be planted out after Christmas – great prices!